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Abstracted:  Botanical forms are transformed by the camera into abstract images through the interplay of light, shadow, and perspective.

Whelks:  Beaches of the North Carolina Outer Banks offer a bounty of shells from various sea animals, including whelks.  Perhaps due to their size, whelk shells seem to possess a presence that inspired this series of images.

Double Take:  The serendipity of double exposures is a delightful photographic pursuit.  

Lo-Fi Film:  Low fidelity plastic film cameras and pinhole cameras have rudimentary capabilities, yet they are capable of producing intriguing photographs, 

About David Kussie:

I have enjoyed learning from, and studying with, exceptionally talented and creative artists at the following educational centers:

  • Art Students League of Denver
  • Colorado Photographic Arts Center
  • Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
  • Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Aspen, CO
  • The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University
  • The ArtsCenter in Chapel Hill, NC

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